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Project Flamel- Title Sequence

This is a project I made for my Motion Title Sequence class at VFS


Project Flamel is a fictional TV series, it takes place in a future where technology has finally reach a point where eternal life may be possible with the help of alchemy.

Tasks: Art Direction, Animation and Texturing

Software: Cinema 4D , Adobe After Effects

Render: Redshift Renderer


Draft Selection in The Rookies Awards 2020 3D Motion Graphic Category

First place Latin American Design (LAD) Awards 2020 Student Animation Category 

Honorable Mention in Salazar Awards 2019 Motion Graphic Category


For my motion piece I look inspiration on contrast, gold over black or white. Since I specifically picture this project as a journey to find eternal life on a far future context, I needed to establish key elements that would represent the concept of eternal life.


For my motion piece I wanted to work with 3d objects, lighting and beautiful compositions. I looked for inspiration from other title sequences that apply these elements to create strong visuals and mysterious moods.

Alchemy and UI

The challenge was to translate a almost lost concept like alchemy and show it in a futuristic, yet mysterious way. 


For this piece I made a research on alchemic symbology and terminology to then use to communicate the idea that this "old" concept is being translate into a more contemporary form though and HUD design.


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