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Netflix Kids Logo Animation

This is a project done for my 3d animation class in Iberoamericana University, the task was to create a broadcast logo animation for a TV Channel (We decided to go with a streaming service instead). This project was done by Brian Muñoz and me where we worked together to nail the Channel concept and Art Direction for two categories of Netflix (Netflix and Netflix Kids), I was in charge of the making of Netflix Kids. 

Tasks: Art Direction, Modeling, Animation and Dynamics

Software: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere

Render: Arnold Renderer

The Concept

The project went around the idea of a gum ball machine and a marble machine but also make the track to be the final logo as well, I really wanted to make it as "real" as possible so I studied a lot of chain reaction machines and mechanical ball tracks to create the models.

Lots of Trial and Errors

I use each letter from NETFLIX as a module to later connect them and create the full track.


Originally the project was going to be rendered in Mental Ray but halfway the rendering process, mental ray was discontinued from Autodesk Maya, therefore we were forced to migrate to Arnold Renderer; due time constrains and lack of hardware the project was left unfinished, but there are a few shots that I was able to produce.

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